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Nederlands Theater Festival 2019

by What The studio

The brief:
Nederlands Theater Festival (NTF) yearly brings together the best of Dutch and Flemish theatre, and hands out awards for the best actors, makers and performances of the year.
The campaign should help to reach a wider audience than in the previous editions, attracting new visitors who are not so familiar with theatre. Next to this, the campaign should communicate about the festival Gala: a theatre awards ceremony dressed in ‘European’ kind of glamour and with a touch of humor.

Furthermore, the first edition of a special program for professionals from the theatre industry will be introduced, and therefore it should be differentiated from the two other main lines of the festival program: general and youth.

Our idea is to communicate the values of NTF in simple images that position the festival as a top-quality event, yet accessible and fun. We express to a wide audience that NTF is all about celebrating theatre, and we do so through the use of balloons, serpentine and podiums. The campaign images are fully produced with real colors and materials, just like a theatre stage that can’t be retouched and must look perfect for the audience.

We created a different campaign image for each line of the program, using a grown-up model in yellow color to communicate the adult/general program, and a young model in flamingo color to communicate the youth program.
For the professional program (a smaller section than the general and youth program), we came up with the title ‘NTF PRO’, and branded it in turquoise green with a purely typographic treatment.

All three lines of the program are integrated with the graphic identity system of NTF (which we also designed).

The graphic identity system of NTF is further brought to life in the short film announcing the ‘Officiële Juryselectie’, in which the color palette and graphics are extended and animated to present the performances that will be the core of the festival’s program, and that are nominated for the theatre awards.

Relevancy and impact:
We came up with a bold and intriguing campaign image that addresses all the objectives requested by the brief.
The campaign talks to the different target audiences (general audience, youth and industry professionals) with a recognizable tone of voice, strengthening the branding of the festival.
The campaign images were conceived to be adaptable to different formats (posters, printed and digital ads, etc.) and to merge in harmony with the (typo)graphic elements of the visual identity.

The campaign was widely implemented across the city of Amsterdam with posters and flags, printed magazines, beer mats, printed ads, theatre dressing at ITA and Theater Bellevue, as well as in online media such as NTF’s website, social media channels and digital banners.

Regarding impact, most of the events of the festival were sold out, and ticket sales went much faster than in previous editions.

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