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by Studio Lord Z

New Humans is the cocktail menù of Drink Kong: one of the best Cocktail Bar in the world, created by the very well known bartender Patrick Pistolesi. Drink Kong has been listed at n.45 of  “The World’s 50 Best Bar” chart and n.22 of the “Top 500 Bars” chart.
Regarding the project of the menu, I’ve designed a color book of 64 pages, whereas the cover page is totally black with the Drink Kong logo in high relief , in order to give the effect of a mysterious black book.
The entire project is based on five categories of drinks. For each one I’ve designed a logo: Newmani, Holus, Kudamono, Herbs&Herbs and Sukoshi. Along with the logo I’ve selected a color range for each category. Each category includes 4/5 cocktails. For each of them, I’ve designed an artwork to represent the cocktail, completed by the description of the cocktail itself. All the photos, reworked graphically, interact with the cocktails, creating visual suggestions strongly connected to the ingredients chosen for the cocktails. I’ve also designed a flavor map to describe the nature of the drink and an ingredients list with graphic info of the kind of glass chosen for each drink. The style is definitely minimal and classy, in black and white in order to balance the very bright colors of artworks of the 5 categories.
The menu includes also an introduction by Patrick Pistolesi:
"This menu celebrates new languages, it is an evocative journey made of shapes and colors.
Humankind have always used symbols as its expressive code.
The vision of the future sometimes look at the past to find its completed form in the present.
There are five archetypes that symbolyze the central flavors in this menu.
Five frontiers of taste to satisfy the palate of the new humans.
All of our new drinks are based on flavor and focused precisely on it,
to enhance the complex scheme of colors hidden in their DNA.
Be part of the future.
Follow your instinct.
Be Kong!"


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