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New logotype for DIK

by X4

DIK is a professional association and a trade union in Sweden, for university graduates in the fields of documentation, information and culture. DIK has 22 000 members. Their workfield is broad, the union trade encompasses Antiquarian, Archivist, Archeologist, Curator, Documentalist, Editor, Informatician, Information officer, Librarian, Logopedist, Marketing specialist, Museum professional, Public Relations manager, Restorer and Translator and more. X4:s task was to create a new graphic identity including a new logo in order to change the image of the union. Instead of being seen as vague and a bit old-fashioned, DIK wanted the new graphic identity to help them be understood as cutting edge, sharp, creative, flexible and confident.The basic forms in the logo have sharp edges to mark confidence and sharpness. The three letters DIK are drawn as an image, rather than as separate letters, to create a strong identity.Logos are usually created with only one colour scheme to provide consistency. In this case we wanted to create a dynamic logo that would reflect the creativeness, modernity and flexibility within DIK. In tune with the ongoing digitalization of Swedish cultural insitutions, we created an image showing the meeting of a well known old Swedish painting and binary computer code.Using pictures within the logo makes it easy to talk about the logo and tell a story about the association. The logo works as both a logo and an illustration. The logo with pictures included can also be seen as a window, a metaphor for what the visitor sees at the museum. Also the members (via DIK) can be regarded as the interface between the visitors and the culture.In stationery, in ads and in places with text and photographs, the original red logo is used. The logo with pictures in it is used on giveaways and instead of other illustrations on profile items.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Kajsen Burell
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers The painting used in one example of the logo is The lady with the veil by Alexander Roslin. The picture is used with permission from Nationalmuseum (National Museum of Fine Arts in Sweden).
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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