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Internal Production > 16.3 Self-Initiated Projects

NIPKE, Laboratory for beer and spirits.

by studio de Ronners

NIPKE is our experiment in design and taste. 
It is an extension of studio de Ronners; its total design is representative of our style, skills and versatility. We initiated this exclusive label to unite the radical concepts and experiments that we couldn’t express in our regular work. In close cooperation with professional partners, we create alcoholic beverages of gastronomic quality. NIPKE is also an exercise in uncompromising marketing: we go against all standards in alcohol branding and packaging to create a product line with a distinctive look and feel.

NIPKE drinks come in pairs. 
Being passionate about beer and spirits, we set out to discover new ways in which beer and liquor could influence each other and come together. In a variation on the ‘kopstoot’ (a shot with a chaser), our drink pairings consist of a craft beer and a distillation of that beer. A specific emphasis is on the aromas, which are based on the layered experience of applying perfume. As a reference to this, we serve the liquor from refill bottles similar to the ones used in the perfume industry.

NIPKE is for the thirsty and the curious.
Our products are enjoyable and drinkable, but they are also exclusive. Each numbered edition comes in limited and hand-numbered bottles. This exclusivity is represented by the eccentric design, which makes it clear that this is not your average drink. With its bold lettering on back-to-basic monochromes, NIPKE can be seen as a kind of anti-branding: not obviously aimed at ‘selling’ the product, but rather at representing the process behind it. It’s the result of lab experiments. It’s a collector’s item. The labels as well as the packaging are sophisticated, but they also exude a DIY punk attitude that goes against the predictable norm. However, the high-quality product itself does easily compete with the establishment.

NIPKE brings people together.
Making connections is important to us. NIPKE is a total concept, in which we come to surprising results by working together with professional partners. We focus on the process in its entirety, from brainstorming to producing to testing. The experiment lies in finding new insights through these inspiring collaborations. The end result matters too, of course: we pay much attention to designing appropriate labels, tasting glasses, coasters, and even a trolley from which to serve our drinks. At the launch parties we organise for each edition, it’s incredible to share the fruits of our labour and see people enjoying and discussing them.

  • Creative Directors Arwen Ronner, Matthijs Ronner
  • Art Directors Arwen Ronner, Matthijs Ronner
  • Designers Arwen Ronner, Matthijs Ronner
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Aad Hoogendoorn
  • Editors Aad Hoogendoorn
  • Copywriters Femke de Jonge
  • Custom design trolley Remmelt Deriksen
  • Partners Femke de Jonge of creative consultancy The Young, Mommeriete Brewery (Gramsbergen, NL), Alambiek Distillery (Midwolda, NL)
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