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NOTI Furniture Catalogue 2021

by bękarty

NOTI is a brand of furniture made in Poland, which has been on the market for 16 years. The brand stands for responsible design, and has its roots in a family history. Since 2005, Ryszard Balcerkiewicz, the company’s founder, has been consistently implementing his chief principle of “design first”, creating furniture with timeless, simple, and elegant forms, focusing on aspects of functionality, comfort and durability.

The aim was to design an image catalog covering all the most important Noti collections. The leitmotif was to be designers who, despite the differences in the number of collections included, were to have equal rights. We distributed them evenly, not assigning them to the collection. On the cards with their descriptions, we added the names of the collections with links to pages.
Raw materials are important in Noti products. Designers use high-quality fabrics and materials. We wanted to obtain the effect of a certain roughness of the cover without using linen (we used cotton-based paper), at the same time the form of the catalog was to be user-friendly. Light, soft with modern elegance and functionality. From the very beginning, we created a soft cover (sewn with threads), so that the book would open to the end lying flat, so that the photos on the spreads do not lose when viewing. The catalog is wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a raw cardboard box to protect it upon shipping.

3 types of paper
3 cover designs (colors of pages with designers also come in three colors for consistency)
3 limited designs packed in an envelope added to the boxes
cardboard with imprint

format: 210 x 280
pages: 180
cover graphics: Piotr Kuchciński
cooperation: Piotr Kuchciński, Kamila Woynicz
font: RT Catalog by Kamil Kurzajewski
printing on paper: Cuturon X-treme 170g (cover), Pergraphica Natural Rough 120g, IQ Print 70g


  • Creative Directors Krzysztof Ignasiak, Marcin Matuszak
  • Art Directors Krzysztof Ignasiak, Marcin Matuszak
  • Designers Krzysztof Ignasiak, Marcin Matuszak
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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