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Notícias Magazine

by Controlinveste

– Context and Briefing Noticias Magazine is the most read weekly magazine in Portugal on lifestyle, culture, fashion and design. It also has in depth articles about social and political issues, such as emigration, family and the economy. When we were approached by the editorial team, they asked us to create an online presence for their brand that would enhance the photography, design and fashion elements, as happens also on the print version.
– Strategy We iterated, alongside the Noticias Magazine team, the site’s structure and architecture several times, always with the intent of simplifying the navigation, specifically the menu area, where all the magazine’s themes were reorganized, to reflect the user’s interests. All content hierarchy was subjected to several usability tests, to assure that there was ease of use in site tablets and smart phones; and that the user experience was cohesive with the print version. We also tested the cohesiveness of contents and layouts between devices, so as to optimize all the navigation experience. The user experience must feel like an amplification of the magazine, through the introduction of multimedia and interactive content, as well as a quick, but in depth, navigation, through fashion and design elements, organized in galleries and themes.
– Concept The idea behind this news media website is ”Picture your life”. Photography and lifestyle assume a great relevance. The “Multimedia” and “Tentações” sections intersect with the magazine articles, allowing the user to choose, with more freedom, what to buy, to wear and like.
– User Experience & Usability We began by creating user typologies, with different interests and expectations, to steer us in building the architecture and the navigation flows. Based on this work, we created the wireframes where we aimed to create a simple and easy navigation. To facilitate the editorial team’s work, we streamlined the back office as much as possible, giving it a blog feel, to which they could relate. Finally, the site’s prototype’s was drawn and tested by the user types defined in the beginning of the process, and their input was taken onboard.
– Design We set to design an intuitive site, where users would want to read the articles and explore associated information. For this we chose, simple layouts where the contents would cross contextually and that would function in all devices. The site’s main elements were derived from the print magazine, adding them value through the integration of intelligent systems of prediction and content and interests association. As way of an example, a user that has seen an article about fashion, will be able to access multimedia content and the latest news on the subject, at the same time that we show him where he can buy the products that he’s seeing.

  • Creative Directors Hugo Oliveira Vicente
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Carolina Marques, Marisa Rodrigues, Nuno Serafim, Ruben Nunes
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Global Imagens
  • Editors Catarina Carvalho
  • Copywriters
  • Developers Carolina Marques, Luís Luz, Sparkmm
  • Project Managers José Galvão, Miguel Caldas, Inácio Arsénio
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