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OCC flyers

by Beetroot Design Group

As part of a multifaceted collaboration with the Onasis Cultural Centre we were invited to design promotional publications for a large and diverse series of events for its 2015-2106 season, part of which was a series of two page flyers featuring the event’s main poster-illustration as a cover and all the necessary information regarding it, in a brief and coherent style. 

The flyers were designed using the prime visual elements and tools we designed for the various graphic design applications of the OCC’s 2015-2016 season. Beginning with our solid-colored shapes, “cut-out” style illustrations with which we composed a unique main graphic for each event, our illustrations gave the impression of a “hand-made” collage due to the photorealistic rendering of the shadow a piece of card casts upon another when it is place on top of it.

The composition of each event was inspired from its imagery, type, scope or feel and was aiming at provoking people to attend them by suggesting their mood rather than depicting realistic elements. 

The flyers’ text were rendered using our “humane type” method according to which we “told” the text to “escape” its set grid in random curves resembling the curvature of text upon a page that bends in the center of page-spread, but without losing its readability. In this way, the strict and austere display of information was undermined in a seemingly erroneous but also organic and ultimately “humane” way, suggesting the “hand of man” behind it.

By applying those visual tools to all the flyers, we achieved the visual homogenization of a large number of diverse events under a uniform aesthetic without losing each event’s individual character and we managed to cope with a very demanding workload due to the large number of the events. 

Using this method we managed to focus on the values of each event, and to create appealing compositions without any compromise.

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