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Digital > 14.5 Motion Graphics

Odyssea -Lovest

by Odd Bleat

Odyssea is a social enterprise in Greece designing resilient solutions for environmental and humanitarian challenges. Challenged by the current situation in greek society, Odyssea responds with innovative actions that contribute to a societal reformation by redefining values.
This project showcases Odyssea’s program called LOVEST. Odyssea collects life vests and boats from the greek shores, in order to create new products that will not only improve the life of refugees but also raise awareness on the matter, around the globe.

  • Creative Directors Yannis Zoumakis - Manos Gerogiannis
  • Art Directors Yannis Zoumakis - Manos Gerogiannis
  • Designers Yannis Zoumakis
  • Illustrators Yannis Zoumakis
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Yannis Zoumakis - Manos Gerogiannis
  • Animators Yannis Zoumakis - Manos GerogiannisOdd Bleat
  • Sound Design - Music Nikos M. Michalodimitrakis ( MD Recording Studio )
  • Voice Over Melissa Chambers
  • Animation Studio Odd Bleat
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