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Digital > 14.5 Motion Graphics

Økern Portal

by TRY Apt

Explainer for the upcoming urban business centre Økern Portal — a future-oriented destination located in central Oslo with high environmental ambitions and innovative ideas.

(English subtitles available in player.)

  • Creative Directors Kim Holm
  • Art Directors Kim Holm
  • Designers Kim Holm
  • Illustrators Kim Holm
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Jørgen Gulvik (lead), John Jacobsen (contributor), Kim Holm (contributor)
  • Animation Kim Holm
  • Concept Development Kim Holm (Apt), Jørgen Gulvik (Try)
  • Architects DARK Architects
  • Real Estate Agency Malling & Co.
  • Direction Kim Holm
  • Sound Design Kim M. Jensen (Molte)
  • Score Thomas Edward Bromley (Extreme Music)
  • Voice Artist Axel Aubert
  • Architectural Illustration (3D) Luxigon/DARK Architects
  • Producer Jessica Paine-Torsnes
  • Strategic Advisor John Jacobsen (Supertanker)
  • Project Manager Anita Nørsett Dahl (Supertanker)
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