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Omnom Chocolate

by The North South

Packaging is the first visual and last physical contact a brand has with a customer and we wanted it to be a lasting one. 
Ultimately we aimed to design packaging for Omnom Chocolate that would add value and function to the product.
At the same time it had to be aesthetically pleasing and possess an attraction that will in turn elevate it to a must-have item. 
The packaging unfolds into a serving tray – complete with glacier tops – to enjoy and share, then it collapse back into the envelope box state to protect any uneaten chocolate safely and neatly.
The illustrated characters were created out of inspiration from living and traveling in Iceland. They are both real and mythical. 
We are developing a continuous adventure world of Omnom that will be added graphically to the packaging as the brand grows and expands, keeping the same functionality of the packaging.

  • Creative Directors André Úlfur Visage
  • Art Directors André Úlfur Visage
  • Designers André Úlfur Visage
  • Illustrators André Úlfur Visage
  • Photographers Ragnar Visage
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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