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Promotion > 12.4 Product Catalogue


by Studio Marcus Kraft

Product Catalogue for a new business branch of bag manufacturer FREITAG: ‹F-ABRIC›. These are new textile fabrics that grow and are processed in Europe, and which are 100% biodegradable.
Core medium of communication is a newspaper that explains the project extensively on 80 pages. A highlight is the trip of the Freitag brothers by bicycle and train: they traced the production sites of a pair of pants in France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Switzerland. This trip was captured photographically and on film and makes for a big picture pool for the print and online media.
The graphic design for F-ABRIC fits in seamlessly with FREITAG’s visual appearance and retains its textual trademark wink.

  • Creative Directors Daniel & Markus Freitag
  • Art Directors Marcus Kraft
  • Designers Marcus Kraft
  • Illustrators Simon Trüb, Marlon Ilg
  • Photographers Lukas Wassmann, Pascal Grob
  • Editors Rainer Brenner, David Keller
  • Copywriters
  • Project Manager Daniel Rohrer
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