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Onassis Cultural Centre flyers

by Beetroot Design Group

The Onassis Cultural Centre is Athens’ new cultural space hosting events and actions across the whole spectrum of the arts from theatre, dance, music and the visual arts to the written word, with an emphasis on contemporary cultural expression, on supporting Greek artists, on cultivating international collaborations and on educating children and people of all ages through life-long learning.
Beetroot was commissioned to design a new visual identity for the center itself as well as design each and every performance’s promotional and communication materials including flyers that would promote the OCC’s events.
The flyer we created is a double-side printed, specially folded piece of paper that on its one side is a smaller version of the poster and on the other side has all the information and data of the show.
The paper is folded in such way that the OCC’s bright red logo comes next to the title of show and key elements of its visual style so that there is a clear first impression of the visual style of the show as well as the venue that hosts it.

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