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by Projektbüro .HENKELHIEDL

Concept and design of an international English language digital architecture magazine that withdraws from the hectic pace of the online world in exchange for relevance and editorial quality:
Following a print-based logic without sacrificing digital amenities and innovation.
Standing for experimentation and continuous development.
Offering a true alternative in the media landscape; at best, a pioneer in its field.
“uncube” should feel like print, with a beginning and end, a design that includes large-format photographs and videos, and which is innovative yet comfortable to navigate, like pages in a book.
“uncube” should nevertheless think digitally: an integrated reader function allows the reader to concentrate on the pure text. Tags establish cross-references (eventually allowing the reader to compile an individualized dossier). In addition, dynamic page elements are integrated into the responsive design.
Each issue is individually created with a dedicated content editor specifically developed for this project, which enables the complex production process spanning editorial, design and programming. The extremely efficient CMS workflow that allows the magazine to be both technically feasible and cost effective makes “uncube” interesting from an economic and strategic perspective as well. This principle extends to the inclusion of innovative advertising formats.

  • Creative Directors Andreas Henkel
  • Art Directors Robinson Meinecke
  • Designers Lydija Kühr
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Elvia Wilk, Florian Heilmeyer, Jessica Bridger, Robert Wilson
  • Copywriters Florian Heilmeyer
  • Conceptioner Uwe Viehmann
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