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Optician Sans - Vision possible


Optician Sans is a typeface based on the 10 historical optotype letters seen on eye charts around the world, The universal optometrist eye charts have been around for decades and seen by millions of people worldwide. It is not until now that it is finalized and made available for everyone. The first standardized chart was created by Hermann Snellen in the Netherlands in 1862, before Louise Sloan designed a new set in 1959. These letters make up the now universal chart for testing visual acuity, also known as the LogMAR chart, which was developed by National Vision Research Institute of Australia. But ever since 1959, they have consisted of only 10 letters.

With Optician Sans, we have finalized the work that was started decades ago by creating a fully functional typeface based on the historical optotype letters, including numbers and special characters. We have combined readability and optical adjustments with the legacy of the optometrist craft.

The custom typeface is a key element in the new brand identity for the Norwegian optometrist Optiker-K (Optician-K). The logo and pictogram are programmed into the actual typeface, by doing so we eliminated the need for separate logo files when using the Optician sans typeface.

The typeface is made available for free at optician-sans.com.

A medium article describing the work in depth is available at: https://medium.com/@schikulski/completing-a-typeface-that-was-started-decades-ago-a9c977c9cf08

  • Creative Directors Kjetil Wold
  • Art Directors Simen Schikulski
  • Designers Simen Schikulski, Vivi-Ann Slaatsveen
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Managing Director Ellen Østmoen
  • Digital strategist Tor Hernan Floor
  • Typographer Fábio Duarte Martins
  • Film Director Magnus Vanem
  • Advisor / director Jens Haugen
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