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Orientation and Signage System

by designgruppe koop

Barrier-free orientation and signage system for a bureau the building has 2, 3 or rather 4 levels. Within these, there is a representative area and (above all) very long, narrow corridors: and therefore no areas for information on walls, floors or ceilings. Out of this situation, information elements were created that contain all the information plus wall versions for the staircases and small door signs on the individual rooms. Tactile floor indicators are taken into account as well as a tactile model of the building in front of the entrance.
For accessibility, you normally use the two-senses principle which is to see and feel. This could be integrated well in the stand elements: the visible side at the correct height (because of the long corridors), at the top of the appropriate height all information again tactil in Braille and pyramid font. In addition to that there are tactile layouts each in the direction of view. These are also helpful for the sighted. The special feature: via a button
you can have all the contents read aloud.

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