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Oslo Brand Box

by Design Container AS

Research shows that the world knows nothing about Oslo. As no one chooses Oslo ‘by coincidence’ when looking to relocate, study, work, invest, set up a business, launch a research project or visit as a tourist, Oslo needs to be put more firmly on the map. In the competition for attention, Oslo is losing out to better-known destinations such as Berlin, Stockholm, London, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam.
#ProjectOsloRegion was launched by the City of Oslo to establish an international branding strategy for the Norwegian capital. This strategy was approved in June 2015 and enjoys support across a broad political spectrum.
The strategy involves input from almost a thousand people in the private sector, institutions, cultural organisations and government bodies as well as the application of wide-ranging international research about Oslo.
The strategy is used across Norway by municipalities and regions which – although many represent independent brands of their own – recognise the strength in coming together to raise Oslo’s international profile.
To help roll out the strategy, Design Container has developed a digital toolbox containing the most important element of the strategy, namely the Branding Filter. Users are also able to take a test to find out whether they are ‘on brand’.
An image and video bank, key facts, brief texts and a boilerplate about Oslo are also available. All these have been developed to ensure that everyone communicating about Oslo in an international context approaches the branding of the city in the same way. 
The dark design highlights the content – and the extensive use of images, contrasting colours and easy-to-read typography inspires users to apply the tools.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Thomas Sannes
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Developers Kris Lunde, Imrul Hasan
  • Consultant Kjersti Svang Olsen
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