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Øya Festival

by The Metric System Design Studio

Øya is an annual music festival held in Oslo, Norway. Since it’s beginning in 1999 Øya has grown into the countrys largest and most important music festivals.
Øya is known for presenting a wide range of musical genres and bands – from electronic to hard rock and metal, indie to rap and hip hop. The identity and poster design needs to embrace them all. The 2013-poster gives a friendly nod to Theo van Doesburg’s Dada Soirée poster from 1922. The Dada movement has a lot in common with popular culture today with it´s sampling, borrowing and recontextualisation.
The poster is meant to function on two levels: From far away the poster only reads the words ØYA 13 OSLO in red. As the reader gets closer the focus shifts to the line-up.

  • Creative Directors The Metric System Design Studio
  • Art Directors The Metric System Design Studio
  • Designers Are Kleivan
  • Illustrators Are Kleivan
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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