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Paleet - Departmentstore

by neue design studio

Paleet target a fashion and lifestyle segment where customers are quality conscious, demanding and curious. It was important to show an affinity for both fashion and shopping, while there was a goal from the very beginning to challenge the market, bringing in new tools and use identity/strategy to reposition Paleet. The identity combines a classic high-end expression with an ”art meets commerce” mindset. This to provide the identity of both an elegant and more ”rebellious” side. Unlike much ”high-end ’communications the design should help to give Paleet a vibrant and warm personality.This duality, the elegant against the rebellious, the absurd against the beautiful, the gentle against the noisy – enables the brand to be experienced as human. The logo is not just a signature, as it often is in the category, but rather an active element. Its use is inspired by how fashion magazine headers have traditionally been used. The logo is used in various ways, and so reinforces the brand’s rebellious side. The design takes into account that Paleet has an annual cycle that requires variety.Every year we develop newphotos and illustrations, which are used in the profile and in communication.

  • Creative Directors Lars Håvard Dahslstrøm
  • Art Directors Nora Bremnes
  • Designers Benjamin Stenmarck, henrik Wold Kraglund
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Kristine Jakobsen
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Digital designer Erlend Tangen Istad
  • Project manager Gørill Kvamme
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