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by papelote

Correspondence collection Carta is the result of our long-term attempt to revive the phenomenon of classical correspondence. With its wide scope we are trying to provide space for various types of written expression and put paper back in the game for writers. The collection is based on the three meanings of the word ‘carta’ – paper, letter and map – on which the playful interconnection of the letter and cartographic themes are developed. Graphical motives poetically transforming the marking of geographic elements are complemented by photographs of actual places. The choice of material and colour with a soft tone referring to natural sources was made with the goal of not overpowering the messages, which the products are meant to deliver. A letter is a journey. A journey outside, to someone else and sometimes even a journey inside, into our own hearts. A journey on which we discover ourselves, our friends, our dearest, our ancestors. Sometimes they are the life journeys of people that we may not even know but whose fate may often touch us after many centuries. Although today letters are written less often than in the past, they have maintained their irreplaceable value – they conceal mystery inside, they invoke memories, they carry a piece of the place from where they have travelled. It doesn’t matter whether that place is in a distant country or in a nearby heart.

  • Creative Directors Kateřina Šachová
  • Art Directors Kateřina Šachová
  • Designers Kateřina Šachová, Helena Kopecká, Štěpánka Bláhovcová, Táňa Martincová
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Filip Šach
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Lenka Nádvorníková
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