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Internal Production > 16.3 Self-Initiated Projects

Paper Is Not Dead

by studio de Ronners

“Paper is dead”? Not if it’s up to us. As a graphic design agency, we believe in the lasting importance of print, while embracing the digital world at the same time. Paper will not be replaced by displays – the two can live together in harmony. We love combining print and digital in our own design work, where they influence, challenge and reinforce each other. We’ve illustrated this phenomenon in a series of animated posters.

Paper and screen
In our triptych of ‘paper animations’, we play with the idea of analog versus digital, or more specifically: paper versus screen. By translating the aesthetics of paper to a digital medium, we create a symbiosis between the two. The motion graphics mimic paper being torn, each new layer bringing to light the next word in a statement related to paper: Let’s Wrap This Up, Let’s Tear It Down, Let’s Keep On Rollin’.

Our animated poster series was selected for the DEMO (Design in Motion) Festival, which took place in November 2019. Motion design by the best designers and studios was shown on all 80 digital screens at the Amsterdam Central train station. The message of our animations not only concerned paper, but also referenced the eternal shortage of our precious time.

  • Creative Directors Arwen Ronner, Matthijs Ronner
  • Art Directors Arwen Ronner, Matthijs Ronner
  • Designers Wilfred van der Weide, Robbert Liekens
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Aad Hoogendoorn
  • Editors Aad Hoogendoorn
  • Copywriters Wilfred van der Weide
  • Motion designers Bart van de Dood
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