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Miscellaneous > 17.5 Digital Installations


by Lab212

“An imaginary and minimalist landscape revealing with the path of the visitors, the sensations of a luxuriant nature.”
Passifolia is a monumental and interactive artistic installation, commissioned by Hermès.

A collective experience
As it passes under the light beams, a sound is triggered just above the visitor,
he discovers the strange fauna of this abstract and exuberant landscape.
As soon as the visitor enters the light beam, it opens and releases a bird song,
the beam closes slowly when the sound ends, inviting the visitor to continue his journey.

A made-to-mesure experience
A black concert room of 20x15m of floor space and 10m high.
x16 interactive modules (a light beam and an ultra-directional speaker) are organically set up in space,
a soft, immersive and evolutive melody plays by x12 ambient loudspeakers all around the room.
A hundred sounds of birds, squirrels, frogs… recorded in the wild by a naturalist guide.
A made-to-measure musical composition for the piece achieved by the musician Chapelier Fou,
to keep the overall soundscape harmonious in all kinds of configurations.

Event for the launch of Hermès’ Passifolia tableware.
To propose a meaningful and contemporary interpretation of nature, 
while offering to the visitors the opportunity of being active in their visiting experience.
To stage the creative and fertile power of nature, to surprise and question visitors’ perceptions.
Hermès International network and journalists (x500 visitors/day).

  • Creative Directors Nicolas Guichard - Lab212, Béatrice Lartigue - Lab212
  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Technical development Jonathan Blanchet - Lab212, Nicolas Nolibos
  • Music Chapelier Fou
  • Light Mathieu Cabanes
  • Sound Baptiste Pohoski
  • Naturalist guide Marc Namblard
  • Video Yannick Royo
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