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Permian Typeface

by RIA Novosti

Cyrillic graphic design area always lacks new fresh typefaces. That’s why each new release becomes such an important event. The idea of a special city typeface belongs to the art-director of Permian Design Centre at that period Artemy Lebedev (Art. Lebedev Studio). City way-finding system, city identity, city events with their promotions ? all this items needed it’s own typeface.
Spring 2010 Artemy Lebedev asked me to join this project.
Firstly the idea was to create only one style of the typeface (a la Gill Sans), which could solve different types of city functionalities and help the city of Perm become more recognizable. Right from the beginning the idea was to create a modern, suitable for any city activity, relevant to modern world standards typeface instead of making it Perm style one. But we didn’t stop on that stage and soon I found myself producing three different typefaces with three styles in each. Sans, serif and slab serif in a regular, bold and italic styles.
As a result we have Permian Typeface composed of three different typefaces based on one graphic idea. Each of them has regular, bold and italic styles. And each of them may work as a text typeface and as a display. And it’s an OpenType font. And the most important thing ? it’s a free font.
From the official press realese of Permian Design Centre:
“In 2011 the city of Perm became the first russian city that has its own and unique typeface. Ilya Ruderman, the author of this typeface tells us: “Each modern city identity starts with the typeface. Now the Permian Typeface is already working. City transport system uses it for a naming of new bus stops, Permian Design Centre and the Sol Magazine use it already. It’s expected that the typeface will be used in all city outdoor signs. This typeface is a perfect decision for the city, that recently became one of the world’s culture centers.”
Graphic idea
The graphic idea is based on a combining calligraphy and constructive design of the contour. The humanistic sans version could partly remind a well-know Gill Sans (by Erik Gill, 1937), however it differs a lot and it is an independent and original typeface. It is recognizable by it’s simple graphic decisions, slightly serif-like constructions, and tiny angle of the contrast. Sans version is a hundred precent modern typeface, comfortable for modern reader: modern proportions, lack of bright historical look, accurate eyes catchers that help the typeface work in a different sizes. Simplicity and flexibility, calligraphy and controlling of a contours. Slab serif and serif versions are based on the same graphic ideas as a sans version. Serif version made mainly as a text typeface, the sans is mostly orientated on a headlines and display setting, and a slab serif version can be used in both ways.

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