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Perpetuo! — NANO!


We have been looking for illustrating a story made of paper, ferrying the observer across a river of typography, history and atmospheres: a calendar with no beginning and no end, no months and no years, but only days and the flow of time. Hour after hour, through the shadows that are created and bloom during the day, a visual tale is set up between the environment and the observer, devoted to emphasize the present. We have imagined an artifact, sculpted in a book block of Fedrigoni paper, on the surface of which, every day, different shadows will continuously appear, narrating the passing of time and escorting the eye during its blooming.

Since the moment it is freed from its cellophane, perpetuo! begins to narrate the time spent together and day by day it’s growing with us. Day after day the paper will change, yellowing and swelling, stained by the memories that we will have lived hand in hand, becoming a silent narrator of the fantastic journey that is life. If it will be scratched or scribbled by our child, if it will get hot or cold, perpetuo! will remember… never forgetting anything. 

Every day Perpetuo! will reveal the flow of time through a visual architecture that shapes ever-changing shadows, depending on how the sun moves during the day and how the artificial lights will illuminate it.
Then in the evening … when all the lights are turned off, and the night comes, everything comes to an end. The morning after, at the new rising, everything starts again… an inexorable sequence of days, seasons, colours and atmospheres that mark every day as unique, but part of the great journey that is life. 

We didn’t want to design one of the usual calendars useful for programming time, trying to freeze it in a disposable object with a beginning and an end, but we have always dreamed to design something new, something that could help us to see the beauty of the universe. Something that could help us to focus on the here and now, on that hic et nunc from which we come and from which we can still learn so much.
Perhaps we don’t need to stuff ourselves with apps, websites, social networks… pursuing the saturation of a time that doesn’t want to be caught, but savoured.
perpetuo! has not to be used as a normal calendar, it doesn’t help us to know what day it is tomorrow, but it “just” tells us what day it is today.

Time is the key to everything. The essence of a calendar is time.
So what else can a calendar do, if not narrating time?

And you, what do you do with your time?

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Tommaso Gentile + Laura Doro
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Simone Marcuzzo
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Tommaso Gentile, Marco Zovi
  • Photo Stylist Sara Sarli
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