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Pete Philly - Open Loops

by Momkai

Critically acclaimed music artist Pete Philly and Momkai met last year to discuss the creation of a new, unique experience for his fans – one in which he releases a new track and accompanying video every week for 14 weeks.

The approach was A) to use the power of sharing (via social media and other formats) to make everyone aware of his music plus showcase his performance and B) to let the audience focus by adding just one track every week and accompanying each track with a super slowmo hi-resolution video.

Besides the site itself, Momkai made a unique custom videoplayer for integration with Facebook. We designed a limited edition physical edition of Open Loops as well.

  • Creative Directors Harald Dunnink
  • Art Directors Harald Dunnink
  • Designers Harald Dunnink
  • Illustrators -
  • Photographers Daniel J. Ashes, Menno Mans
  • Editors -
  • Copywriters -
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