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PF Marlet

by Parachute

Marlet is an inspiring set of typographic elements based on a minimal and simplistic approach to elegance. This type system is made for timeless elegance through numerous combinations diverting from passing trends in type design.
Inspiration came from the roaring 20s and 30s, decades that embraced women’s independence both socially and politically.
Taking intricate hints from the era whilst maintaining approachability, the contemporary dynamic version of this humanist typeface evolved with modulated strokes.
Marlet projects elegance and understated luxury, bringing femininity and all its complexities into the limelight, with lean lines concluding to subtle humanist curves which reference simplicity and underline the font’s exquisite quality.
Its thick-thin, serifless strokes express the modernity of the fashion industry, breaking away from the monotone sans serif.
A type system with contrast progressing from low (Text version) through medium (Display) to high (Finesse), with differentiated letter widths (Titling), extravagant letterforms (Swash) and finally 64 eclectic patterns (Motifs), Marlet evolved from a single typeface into a comprehensive type system in various weights which support Latin, Greek and Cyrillic including an exquisite set of garment patterns.
Contrary to the other families, the sophisticated capitals of the Display version come with slightly tapered strokes in order to embody the contemporary qualities of a sans serif typeface into the dynamic virtue of a serif.
Simple and elegant at the same time and in contrast to ultra-feminine Didot and Bodoni, Marlet is a ladylike infused typeface that is nonconformist, multifaceted, fashionable and romantic, strong and chic, casual yet provocative.


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