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Photobiennale 21 Topos Catalogue

by Beetroot Design Group

As part of our collaboration with the Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki for the making of the exhibition: Photobiennale 21 Topos, we created a catalogue that doubles as a coffee table book in which all the artworks of the exhibition are presented along with descriptive texts and information regarding the various themes, the works and their creators.Our aim was to focus on each creator?s unique characteristics and style, especially in order to distinguish the differences of works that may look similar to the untrained eye. In this way, we created a publication with multiple covers that were corresponding to each artist featured in the exhibition.The volume presents a diverse photographic work that includes 280 photographs from 38 countries. As the organization of the catalogue followed the way the works were distributed in the exhibition, we developed a minimal visual vocabulary where the arrangement of the works is coded by the use of subtle but clear color and paper changes.Each category is introduced as a visual ?zone? that leaves marks of its geometry to its following pages. Those marks signal delicately the category of each artwork. The 460 page catalogue is completed by specially designed graphics and indexes that allow easy access to the information in various ways.

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