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Promotion > 12.2 Poster Series


by Studio AIRPORT

Poema – Poster Series
Assignment Design and develop a new poster campaign for Utrecht’s most underground nightclub; Club Poema. Club Poema focusses on house and techno music. Parties last until the early hours of the morning and the club is known for it’s great DJ line-ups.
The problem was that Club Poema didn’t have consistent visual communication. For each party there was a new design and image. They asked us to give Poema a new face, something people would recognize but also could change over time.
Concept When people party at this underground nightclub they put up a mask and go loose for the time being. We came up with the idea of colorful night creatures. 
Just like little children do, we asked our models to make masks with their own hands. By painting colorful patterns on their hands and painting their faces, abstract portraits were created. The series consists of several editions each with a new model, patterns and colors whilst remaining within the same composition.
Portraits The portraits are all shot from the same angle to keep the series consistent. Because of the eccentric masks the eyes look at the viewer in an intriguing way. The hands are always in the same position.
Typography We used a very strong type for this series. The goal was to communicate in a direct way with the audience. The name of Poema is always on top in the same place, for each event a new type composition is designed at the bottom of the posters.
Motivation The project qualifies itself for a European Design Award because the series succeeded to give Club Poema a new recognizable image and at the same time incite surprise with each new edition. It became an icon in the city view. The audience asks themselves, what will the new poster look like?
By the simple intervention of the hand-mask and handmade techniques we’ve created a colorful universe for Poema. That is, a poster series that appeals and maintains the attention of their audience.
Notification on the images   1. Poster – Close-up image This is an image to show the details of the hand-painted masks and the intriguing eyes of the model.
2. Poster – Close-up image This is an image to show the details of the hand-painted masks and the intriguing eyes of the model.
3. Poster Series – 4 editions Four editions of the series. Each with its own color combination, pattern and model. 
4. Process – making of pictures The photos we’ve used for the posters without any edit. The models are painted and had to hold their own mask during the photo-shoot. 
5. Poster Series – Placed in context Poster displayed in poster frames in the city. ”360˚ Concept & Design Magazine” placed one of the posters on the cover of their latest edition.
6. Process – Pictures of the making of process Some images which glimpse into the making of process. 

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