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Pooch & Mutt Treats Packaging

by Pooch & Mutt

The challenge was to create packaging that would stand out in a crowded market, something that would sell itself from the shelf and something that customers would want to leave out in their kitchens, not hide away in a cupboard.

We had to show that the range that has clear benefits without being medical and unfriendly.

We had to ensure the range was obviously a family, whilst the difference between the products and functions was clear.

The tubes themselves not only help standout on the shelf, they are also functional. The treats in the tube work as a rattle… when you shake the pack, your dog will run back! 

  • Creative Directors Guy Blaskey
  • Art Directors Guy Blaskey
  • Designers Guy Blaskey
  • Illustrators Guy Blaskey
  • Photographers n/a
  • Editors n/a
  • Copywriters Guy Blaskey
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