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by Type-Together

A rarity for screens: a serif family purposely created for long reading and superlative UI performance.
For everyone wishing for a modern serif that’s as clear and readable as a sans in restrictive digital environments, this typeface is their answer. Sans serifs are commonly used on small screens to save space and carry a modern tone. Serifs may appear fickle and unsteady, pixel grids change from one product to another, and space is at a premium. This typeface now provides a serif option for these restrictive digital environments, putting that old trope to rest. The screen has met its serif match.

It was created from and for the digital world — from e-ink or harsh grids to retina capability — making it one of the few serifs of its kind. It‘s text and titling styles were engineered for superlative performance, making great use of sturdy serifs, wide proportions, ample x-height, clear interior negative space, and its subservient personality. After all, words always take priority in text.

The  italics contain an artefact of calligraphy in which the directionality of the instrokes and the returning curves of the outstrokes give the family a little unexpected brio. Yet even the terminals are stopped short of flourished self-absorption to retain their digital clarity. When printed these details are downright comforting. The titling styles enact slight changes while reducing the individual width of each character and keeping the internal space clear. Titling italics have increased expressiveness across a few characters rather than maxing out the personality in each individual glyph.

Possible uses
Digital magazines, newspapers, your favourite novel, and all forms of continuous screen reading benefit from Portada’s features. This family can also cover many of the needs developers have: user interface, showing data intensive apps on screen, even one-word directives and dialogs. And an exhaustive set of dark and light icons is included.. The complete family (eight text styles, ten titling styles, and one icon set) is designed for extensive, clear screen use — a rare serif on equal footing with a sans.

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  • Designers Veronika Burian, José Scaglione
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