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Publication > 11.5 Annual Report

Prendre la main sur demain


This is the first annual report designed based on the new visual identity and the unique company proposition: “Prendre la main sur demain”. The tagline translates to “Being empowered for tomorrow”, but in addition to this core message, the French expression evokes beautiful and subtle several meanings around the hands, like giving a hand or grabbing the hand. The tagline is the starting point of the new visual identity and this annual report.
Ag2r La Mondiale is a non-profit insurance company serving all sorts of clients in France, from individuals to large companies, from lower class to higher income.
The graphic design and style are reflecting this unique approach by looking social (very simple spreads with monochrome brown text and black & white photographs) but at the same time extremely premium (fluorescent Pantone colours, real paper folds to mark the chapter openings, premium photos of hands printed in black & white and silver). The “fold” is the core element of the new visual identity; it gives volume, depth, sensitivity and intrigue. It is a potent symbol for an insurance company caring for life where one has to turn pages with joy and dignity, from birth to elders. The annual report is a straightforward publication made for the people, easy to understand and comfortable to read.
Deliberately, we did not want the photos with the hands to be literal. Abstractly they evoke core messages (solidarity, assertiveness and the transmission between generations) but they don’t fall into the corny traps (like shaking hands or putting a seed into the ground).
Throughout the design process, it proved challenging to keep it simple until the end, but the full team was determined to fight hard for it. Our best reward (so far!) is the unanimously positive feedback we had from internal and external audiences, including from some top senior managers with more traditional thinking.

  • Creative Directors Elodie Boyer, Rejane Dal Bello, Chrys Naselos
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Rejane Dal Bello, Chrys Naselos
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Granon Digital, Stocksy, Valerie Jacob, Xavier Renaud, Marc Lannes, JF Talves
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Laurence Faivre d'Arcier, So Different, Internal communication team (ALM)
  • Design consultant Elodie Boyer
  • Art Work Agnès Lalle, Intensités
  • Lithography and printing Lenoirschuring
  • Project leader Isabelle Bruyère
  • Brand Manager Emmanuel Chazalet assisted by Delphine Duquesne and Clément Gilles
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