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Presidentti 3D Coffee Box

by Great Apes

Create a design Coffee Box that symbolizes curiosity.
Make everyone a designer. Let people design their own branded Coffee Box and have it as a 3D printed product.
After three weeks over 3.000 designs
53.129 unique visitors
Average time spent on site is 6:14
In addition to Finland, designs have been made in Europe, US, Brazil, China and India.
To our knowledge, this is the first time in the world that consumers can design their own branded product. Presidentti 3D Coffee Box gave a head start for Paulig to utilize mass customization.

  • Creative Directors Sami Kelahaara
  • Art Directors Niko Sipilä, Sami Kelahaara
  • Designers Niko Sipilä, Constantin Freche
  • Illustrators Mika Mäkinen, Constantin Freche, Vesa Pesonen
  • Photographers Sami Kelahaara
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Mikko Martikainen
  • Developers Mikko Sairio, Mikko Saario, Sami Blick
  • Project Management Tanja Valo, Mikko Sairio
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