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PREVINT™ Violentometer

by Bürocratik

PREVINT™ (Interpersonal Violence Prevention Programme) Violentometer is a tool made with the purpose of preventing the occurrence of aggression behaviours. Developed in order to raise awareness and sensitise adolescents and adults towards violence in interpersonal relationships and their functioning dynamics. The website is built to present aggressive behaviours that occur in everyday life and always result in physical or psychological harm, of greater or lesser severity. With strong multimedia features such as custom music, audio design with field recordings and voice over, each level is made to capture the students’ attention span with carefully illustrated and animated scenarios. Please check the website with headphones or audio on.

  • Creative Directors Adriano Esteves
  • Art Directors Bruno Amorim
  • Designers Bruno Amorim, Bárbara Nogueira
  • Illustrators Adriana Pereira, Bárbara Nogueira, António Lourenço
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Pedro Tavares - Ghostwriter
  • Developers Daniel Vaz, Marco Ribeiro, João Matos
  • Audio Design Kevin Pires
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