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by Kommigraphics

​Prigipo is a jewelry brand, that consists of people with positive energy and a strong creative enthusiasm, while their jewelry design has its own distinct character. Prigipo’s jewelry is aimed at women of different ages that have a great sense of aesthetics, love new, inspirational and beautiful jewelry that can be worn throughout their day. All the above are some of the reasons that Kommigraphics Design Studio took on the project of designing the brand’s first e-shop, with such enthusiasm.
The simple yet beautiful geometric lines, as well as the femininity of the products,
formed a strong basis for the design, which refers to a romantic as well as a D.Y.I. style. Prigipo’s thoughtful creations combine the sweetness of the past with a contemporary design identity. Therefore a pastel colour palette was used so that users get a warm welcome to the E-shop, just like when one visits Prigipo’s workshop.
Prigipo’s e-shop is a fully responsive website, that balances a strong sense of structured environment and an airy freedom that create a functional, as well as an inspirational shopping experience.

  • Creative Directors Kosmas Apatangelos
  • Art Directors Vivian Dimitriadi
  • Designers Vivian Dimitriadi
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Kostis Sohoritis
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Developer Mayra Metaxa
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