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by Little Greta s.r.o.

With 28 awards in 2017 for quality and taste, Primator is one of the most decorated breweries in the Czech Republic, the Land of Beer. Their annual beer production is 120 thousand hectolitres. The client also has an unusually broad product range, with 15 established beer brands and 3 to 4 limited editions per year. Maintaining visual clarity and consistency across 15 different beers, while adding a new look centred on ‘craft’ to a rather outdated design, was the biggest challenge. The result was a brand new approach to a tired-looking label and bottle, launched across 31 markets worldwide.
Apart from the emphasis on unifying visual appearances across 15 different labels, and stressing out the ‘craft’ element in approach to brewing (something preached by many but practised by few!), the client’s brief was very open. Very little was set in stone — but guidance was equally scarce. Given Primator’s broad portfolio and the fact it serves a large and heterogeneous audience of beer drinkers both in the Czech Rep. and abroad, the design needed to be universal, modern and work globally.
The agency decided to abandon the clichés — Art Nouveau ribbons, heraldry, gold, crimson and green colours, Schwabacher font etc. They are overused and not communicating the needed ‘craft’. The agency put emphasis on simplifying the logo and marrying the analogue world, represented by a series of fine pencil-drawn motifs and lettering, and digital world, represented by simple shapes and clean spaces filled with an unorthodox colour-coded palette distinguishing the 15 beers.
Contrary to common practices, the agency gave more prominence to the beer type rather than the brewery’s logo. This further added to the product’s recognisability. The simply designed motifs on the labels and the characteristic drawings separated beers into three groups, making it even more simple to find one’s preferred beer (or taste other beers from the same category — traditional, speciality and top). A special, heavier-weight stock redolent of handmade paper was used in print.

  • Creative Directors Tomas Nedved
  • Art Directors Radoslav Dostal
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Julius Filip
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Jan Blazek
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