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Privacy Label

Jury Prize

Our general perception of privacy today is greyer than ever. Just as internet privacy pop-ups don’t adequately communicate their implications, the sensors within our cities put us in the same position. To change this perception, and expand this conversation beyond privacy experts, we need to establish new forms of communication for personal data privacy.

With a baseline understanding of how experts have broken down privacy types and their personal implications, we mapped out all the factors that are interwoven with privacy within a Smart City.

While we were concepting and designing our own system we reflected on existing products, and how they each addressed privacy online. How could we create a new system that addressed privacy concerns, not just online, but also offline?

We constructed a ranking system in the form of letter grading; from ‘A’ the best through to ‘F’ the worst, that could be clearly displayed, allowing the general public to easily grasp how different entities treat their personal information.

Each sticker would come with 15 white stripes on the circle depicting each of the sub-questions of the categories. If the stripe is coloured, then the entity would have gained a point for that value, ultimately leading to a decentralised way for interested individuals to grade entities accurately. 

Through these stickers we create an easily summarised solution that clearly communicates how organisations deal with our privacy and data ownership and that functions in the physical and digital world. We are currently trying to convince corporates, governments and other organisation to adopt this new system or make this part of new legislation.

We hope this solution will lead to a better awareness of what exactly is happening with our data; one that ultimately results in a more informed decision on how we want to share our data. 

Currently we’re discussing with governmental organisations (such as the Municipality of Utrecht, Smart City Amsterdam and Smart City Eindhoven) about different ways we can start applying these symbols and how we can measure the impact of these labels on the awareness of people.  

For this research we’ve published several articles, describing what we’ve done:

  • Creative Directors Gert Franke en Thomas Clever
  • Art Directors Wouter van Dijk
  • Designers Jeremy Raider, Roel de Jonge
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Jeremy Raider
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