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Prudential: Pan-Asia

by Jack Morton Worldwide

As festival sponsors, Prudential plc wanted to celebrate Asia and its auteurs with a short film to be shown before every screening at the Pan-Asia Film Festival in London.
Our idea: a mesmerising interpretation of six iconic Asian films.
Knowing that the audience would be predominantly made up of Asian movies fans, we set out to create something that only those ‘in the know’ would truly appreciate. So we decided to visualise a key object or artefact from some of their favourite films; a subtle nod to the most monumental and memorable scenes from the most iconic films across Asian cinema.
Our aim was to produce a very minimal yet stylised and sophisticated look to compliment the festival. We began by creating a palette from Prudential’s brand colours: the contrast between the bold red, white and greys created a dramatic and striking look. To add depth and make the sequence more dynamic, we used depth of field to focus on details and extreme close ups to fill the frame. Central objects were emphasised using a highly reflective finish. The simple design of both the objects and the animation style worked together in teasing the audience to make connections with the films being represented.
The film opens in a clean, museum-like space in which the camera slowly reveals the first artefact of the piece. Each object is presented as a carefully crafted and beautiful work of art, just like the films they are reflecting.
Through gentle camera movements and a steady, measured sequence of cuts, we begin looking at each artefact in isolation. The camera dreamily drifts from one object to another, creating a sense of surrealism, mystery and magic. As with the bold juxtaposition between colours, the viewer is also confronted by contrasts in the film’s tone: it is soothing and mesmerising yet still dramatic.
From the outset we knew that the sound would play a big role, so we created a bespoke piece of music with a vibrant softness that reflected Asian instrumentation. This was a fluid process in which the music influenced the timings of the animation and vice-versa. We also worked with a sound designer to build a rich and detailed world adding weight and tone to each object and film.
From conceptualising to delivery, the entire film was made in-house over the course of two weeks. All of the 3D modelling and animation was created and rendered within Cinema 4D and later composited in After Effects.
Overall, the film was extremely successful in building a strong connection between Prudential plc and Asian culture. It was perfect for the transition between screenings of longer films at the festival, with just the right balance that ensured it was not too overwhelming or too mundane. We managed to capture the desired elegant feel flawlessly as it piqued the audience’s interest and showcased Asian film as beautiful, poetic and, above all, a form of art.

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