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by Bleed

Pseudo is a collection of interviews with Scandinavian designers, on the topic of concepts and rhetoric in today’s design scene. Revolving around themes such as ‘what differentiates an idea and a concept’ and the consequence of talking to much in abstract terms. Loose discussions shining a light on the current discourse of what we designers sell today, what’s our primary point of delivery – and where are we as an industry headed? As a visual response to the books subject, we wanted a transparent design, communicating and presenting the data true to its delivery. All images are taken with a disposable camera by the interview objects, the texts are direct transcripts from the conversation, all technical metadata are included – the file size of the recordings, the length of the conversations and so on. We wanted a just and transparent representation of that moment. No fluff. 

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Designers William Stormdal
  • Illustrators Espen Friberg
  • Photographers
  • Editors William Stormdal
  • Copywriters
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