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by Shuka Design

Over the last century there were a couple of sexual revolutions in the world (in the richest part of it), culturologists have written dozens of texts about sex, and next “return to the natural beauty” has been happening nearly every decade.
However, human sensuality and eroticism remain closed tabooed and shameful. Identity and philosophy of Pure that we created for our friend Roman Sidorenko became the reason to dream once again about the youth of the world, to get lost in reverie of candor and easiness. We chose vagina as an inviting and generous symbol, and all the selected graphic images faced the sexuality archetypes.
Identity and philosophy of Pure — is a story about primary joy of giving sex, inspiration for which is hidden in Picasso’s African motives, and in erotic drawings depicted on the Greek vases, and in fantastic patterns of “summer of love” epoch, and in antic statues, all in all, passim where a human has spoken and felt free.

  • Creative Directors Ivan Vasin
  • Art Directors Dasha Zudina
  • Designers Kate Sedunova
  • Illustrators Eva Revolver
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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