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Pure North – Scandinavian Graphic Design in Terms of Cultural Identity

by Michael Haberbosch, Vanessa Schnurre

Pure North is about identity. And about Graphic Design. About Scandinavian Graphic Design in terms of cultural identity. Characterized by the harsh, northern climate and a strong bond to the laws of nature, by cultural and historical related influences and an unmistakable sense of functionality, as well as a deep-rooted democratic understanding, Scandinavian Graphic Design plays a very special role in international design. We are no longer talking about a Scandinavian impulse, but instead of a phenomenon that sustainably shapes and influences the global Graphic Design scene with its distinctive style and pure aesthetics.

The book “Pure North” deals with the concise development of Scandinavian Graphic Design and enables likewise a fascinating view to the insight of cultural identity. Moreover, it represents contemporary cutting-edge Scandinavian Graphic Design and enables by a combination of theoretical background and stunning projects, a deeper understanding between Scandinavian cultural identity and Scandinavian Graphic Design itself.

In addition to the book Pure North, Vanessa and Michael organized a conference on this topic in cooperation with the Muthesius University, Germany. The conference provided to all students and other interested parties the opportunity to gain a personal insight to the aesthetically unique design language of Scandinavian Graphic Design and getting equally inspired by its brilliance.

  • Creative Directors Michael Haberbosch, Vanessa Schnurre
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Michael Haberbosch, Vanessa Schnurre
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Michael Haberbosch, Vanessa Schnurre
  • Editors Michael Haberbosch, Vanessa Schnurre
  • Copywriters Michael Haberbosch, Vanessa Schnurre
  • Conference Organizers Michael Haberbosch, Vanessa Schnurre
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