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by O0 Design Lab

Space is well-known to be cold, but aerospace industry is blazing hot at the moment, because it's pushing the boundaries of travel, transportation, mobility. And PYKA is particularly the hottest because it is the only large commercial drone on the market, totally autonomous and powered by electricity. 
PYKA is extending their product line from agriculture service to commercial passenger flights. Now is the right time to give the company a brand it deserves. We believe it's not about decorating an airport lounge, it's about driving innovation and a visual language that flies an extra mile. New tech shouldn't be scary, we look for simple, clear, dynamic. 
PYKA's new identity marries the tangible physical world of exciting hardware and digital visual coms that enhance the experience. 

  • Creative Directors Andrey Klen
  • Art Directors Igor Borozniak
  • Designers Anastasia Ageeva
  • Illustrators Igor Borozniak
  • Photographers Andrii But
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Video Production Andrii But
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