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Illustration > 15.2 Corporate Illustration

Qualita Unica

by Beetroot Design Group

Qualita Unica produces exceptional-quality coffee for espresso. The company’s premium blends are made exclusively from Arabica varieties for a truly unique espresso experience. In 2020, the company held its second annual exhibition in Zappeio Megaro in Athens, entitled “The art of blending meets the science of roasting”, open to coffee and catering professionals who are in the market for premium private label coffee and associated services. Beetroot was commissioned by Qualita Unica to design the exhibition environment, which included illustrations and 3D fixtures to mark and decorate the exhibition space.
Since this was a B2B event, addressed to discerning professionals who can appreciate the significance of having their own, sophisticated private label coffee as an important marketing tool for their B2C business, the selected approach centered on the visual representation of the enjoyment of coffee. Colorful, anthropomorphic forms took shape in a distinctive illustration style, incorporating elements associated with the coffee experience, such as curves to simulate the steam rising from coffee cups, and dual figures to manifest the social aspect of coffee. The end result was a bright, eye-catching display that generated positive interest in the event.

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