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Rauwolf Coffee

by Riebenbauer Design

A packaging for Rauwolf coffee, roasted in Austria. The name refers to a botanist who was the first european to taste coffee and describing it’s flavour. The challenge was to create a packaging that would stand out for it’s visual concept and captivating packaging – eco look, but different from the usual brown eco-packaging. We created illustrations of fictitous plants to translate the taste profile of the different types of coffee like chocolate, almond or citrus flavours. On the packaging each coffee shows a unique plant allowing the client to know what flavour to expect. An ordinary brown eco-bag was printed in a slight white to give it a grey look. Yellow, blue and green lables show the category of each coffee.

  • Creative Directors Franz Riebenbauer
  • Art Directors Katharina Griesbacher
  • Designers Katharina Griesbacher
  • Illustrators Katharina Griesbacher, Manuela Neuner
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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