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Rawal Gin

by Dorian

La Pesca Salada is a small cocktail bar located in the emblematic district of El Raval. Unique for its original decor inspired in the marine world, is well known as one of the pioneers gin-cocktail bars in Barcelona. 

We were requested to create the image for the “Rawal Gin” line of products, a very small production served and sold only in the place. The briefing key aspects were to work on a different image from those we usually find in supermarkets, and that it had something related with the bar.

The link with the place is established giving continuity to the marine theme which gives it its name and characterizes the decoration. In addition we looked for a different solution that connects directly the image with the content of the bottle.

The design not only gives image to the product it also makes it much more memorable, thanks to the visual game obtained as the bottle empties.

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