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Illustration > 15.2 Corporate Illustration

RCO Editions, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam

by olga scholten

Cover illustrations for the RCO Editions, a digital magazine (6 editions a year) for the ipad by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra with the RCO’s own recordings of concerts, articles and documentaries.
The illustrations are used for the cover of the editions and inside the content as background. They are also used in the advertisement online and in print. The client wished for the images to be stand alones, recognised as a series and to be playful, inviting and flexible: (landscape, portrait, taken apart in detail, and covered with text). 
All graphic design and typography is made by Atelier René Knip (head designer of the RCO).

  • Creative Directors Olga Scholten
  • Art Directors Olga Scholten
  • Designers Olga Scholten
  • Illustrators Olga Scholten
  • Photographers Olga Scholten
  • Editors Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
  • Copywriters
  • Developers Videodock
  • Graphic identity Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Atelier René Knip
  • Typography Atelier René Knip
  • Publisher Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Ron van der Sterren (Videodock)
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