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Recast is all about taking that which we all love about listening to radio – the tunes – and giving you an experience with all the convenience and ease of a music streaming service.
With access to the most extensive playlists from all over the world, radio stations offer the best and newest music straight to the public.  Listening to them however is a frustrating experience full of interruptions and inconvenience. 
Recast allows you to skip the tracks you dislike and save the ones you love.  This means, your music will never again be interrupted by another ad or presenter. 
Whether you’re a fan of Billboard-topping pop, or barely-released alternative rock, Recast gives you all your favourite radio stations at the tap of a button.  
From Absolute Radio to Europa FM, we make sure to span the globe to give our users more! 
Discover and explore music from all over the world with Recast.

  • Creative Directors Jana de Klerk
  • Art Directors Geran de Klerk
  • Designers Geran de Klerk
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Developer Niekie Deetlefs
  • Project owner (Labs fm) Richard Oakley
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