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Digital > 14.5 Motion Graphics

Red Bull TV Play

by OPIUM effect GmbH

In this case the aim was to create an outstanding and unique show-package for a show which is dealing completely with the world of GAMES.

As everyone knows, the game-world is full of color, material, different seizes; an overkill of visual information.

The basic idea of the package was to draw a line between the massive and overloaded content of the show in comparism to the packaging; BUT (!) without losing the games-spirit and moving too far away from the target group, the heavy game-use and massive-multiplayers.

Opium started (together with the client) developing game-characters which have a similar reference to the real ones – drawings were made and the characters we created on paper. Then once the model were designed they became modeled and rendered in 3D – perfectly shaded but everything WITHOUT the color! ; only the shapes, forms as well as the typical movements were re-built.

In the end all character were put together in a whole abstract room and were composed together with a perfect interaction – cars with dolls, robots with pixels, cubes with lines ect. So a complete new amazing and fascinating look was generated but so “game-ish”.

The only color allowed is he chrystal-blue of the logo which gets sometimes reflected very subtle in the characters with their matte and powdered shading.

Also a full range of countdown numbers were created from 1-10 which then got composed as little universe of their own.

  • Creative Directors Andreas Hoess (Red Bull)
  • Art Directors Joerg Zuber (OPIUM effect)
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Volker Bahr (Red Bull, project management)
  • Copywriters
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