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REFERENCE Recycled Catalogs

by FREITAG lab. ag

Since 1993 FREITAG creates and produces one-of-a-kind bags and accessories made of used truck tarpaulins for urban cyclists around the world. FREITAG REFERENCE is the second, higher positioned product line – fine handbag art made out of the finest unicolored vintage truck tarpaulins.

In 2013 FREITAG REFERENCE stopped following the bi-seasonal fashion rhythm and will be sold like all FREITAG products in the Never Out of Stock system. Now every new model will be available in all the colors of the tarps that were strapped on their trucks around ten years ago. Fashion made out of truck fashion from 2003. Every product a unique piece.

FREITAG buys over 3000 used german, french, italian, dutch and english magazines from the year 2003 on online platforms like ebay and transforms them by hand into the product catalogue THAT’S SO 2003. The one-of-a-kind tool launches the new everlasting colorful collection in all the R-stores in every key market, is used as a press release and as guerilla reading material in bars and cafés.

  • Creative Directors Daniel Freitag
  • Art Directors Marco Müller
  • Designers Oliver Hischier
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Bruno Alder, Johnny Graf, Dominik Hodler
  • Editors
  • Copywriters David Keller
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