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Reformat is built on the idea of exploring the crossing between print and web design ? expressed as a responsive magazine. The content is based on interviews with leading graphic designers who use design, and not technology, to push the web forward. This comes as a reaction to how design is treated on the web, and I want to highlight what I mean is the right way to approach web/interactive design, and how to bring the conceptual thinking and the “feel” from printed design over to web design. I also used the same design (grid, typography) to print the magazine, to highlight the differences between the two media ? and exploring what they can learn from each other, e.g. navigation.

  • Creative Directors Kim Andre Ottesen
  • Art Directors Kim Andre
  • Designers Kim Andre Ottesen
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Kim Andre Ottesen
  • Copywriters Kim Andre Ottesen
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