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Relaunch of fritz.de

by Projektbüro .HENKELHIEDL

The Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg rbb was searching for an innovative and adequate translation of young radio for the internet..HENKELHIEDL developed the ‘radio that can be fast forwarded and rewinded’ using a time bar which functions as the dynamic centre of the site. fritz.de presents the current real-time radio programme but can also be winded back or fast-forwarded. The programme heard is supplemented by photos, videos, texts and feedback options. The new fritz.de has made a quantum leap in terms of user-orientation and linkage to the programme. The relaunch was awarded with the iF communication design award 2011.

  • Creative Directors Andreas Henkel
  • Art Directors Robinson Meinecke
  • Designers Lydija Kühr, Emmanuelle Roncin
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Daniela Künne, Tobias Pfitzenmaier
  • Copywriters
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