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by Leo Burnett Co. Srl Milan

If there is a connection between the late 1920s and the present times – one specific word comes to mind: depression. If it’s true that history repeats itself, then today we are dealing with the same challenges that Leo Burnett “the man” faced, transforming challenges… into amazing opportunities.
We’ve asked our creatives to illustrate a snapshot of everyday life, focusing on people and their reactions to difficulties, showing how they reinvent themselves in order to avert suffering and implement the changes needed to survive today. Interpretations have been created without restraint. We have attached our agency’s history so our creatives can clearly demonstrate the world
in which they find themselves and the one burning question that remains on their minds, “how to turn this global financial crisis into something positive?”
Renaissance From A Crisis is the answer… a publication dedicated to creative visionaries and the techniques they are using to guarantee a better tomorrow. New ideas invariably come from struggle; Renaissance From A Crisis has a different take on the world’s financial problems, viewing them as an opportunity for fresh thinking instead of the huge obstacles that others might see them as. Renaissance From A Crisis is packed with ideas from top creatives as well as world famous artists who offer their perspective on using “the new now” as an incubator for innovative and modern ways of thinking… ultimately leading up to an actual fiscal renaissance.

  • Creative Directors Executive Creative Directors: Alessandro Antonini; Francesco Bozza
  • Art Directors Aldo Gemma; Giovanni Busacca
  • Designers Nurant Magazine: Sergio Caruso; Ventizeronove: Nicola Iannibello, Sonia Mion
  • Illustrators Leo Burnett: Marcelo Vendramel; Massimo Brugnera, Domenico Angione, Ivano Nazeri, Alberto Maria Maderna, Aldo Gemma, Matteo Fabi, Dominika Klimek, Thomas Mustaki - Nurant Magazine: Riccardo Guasco, Nicola Giorgio, Milena Cavallo, Massimiliano Aurelio, Valentina Russello, Roberta Maddalena, Andrea Mongia, Gianfranco Enrietto, Sergio Caruso, Sonia Mion, Nicola Iannibello.
  • Photographers
  • Editors Leo Burnett: Aron Blankenburg, Alice Jasmine Crippa - Nurant Magazine: Federico Caruso, Marco Carlini, Filippo Cicciù
  • Copywriters Leo Burnett: Aron Blankenburg, Alice Jasmine Crippa - Nurant Magazine: Federico Caruso, Marco Carlini, Filippo Cicciù
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